Taking students from science projects to science careers is at the heart of Biocom Institute’s vision to inspire, prepare, and diversify the life sciences workforce. We provide K–12 students with opportunities to collaborate directly with life science professionals and gain hands-on experience in meaningful projects. Participation in our programs prepares students to appreciate the scientific process, learn important scientific concepts, and construct a deeper understanding of life science career paths. 

Life Science Young Leaders
High School Internship Program

The High School Internship Program is a paid internship opportunity for students in San Diego County (ages 16 to graduating seniors) interested in gaining experience in a life science company or research institution setting. Students work at cutting-edge companies and research institutions such as the Salk Institute and Scripps Research. The internships bring new ideas, technologies, and skills to assist students with their education and increase the scope of their exposure to the life sciences. 

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This internship program features the following components:

Pre-internship "Bootcamp" training, followed by a paid internship.

Opportunity to be mentored by scientists and life science professionals

Paid work experience in a research laboratory or biotech company

Opportunity to present work to peers, mentors, teachers, family, and industry partners

Participation in seminars, career panels, networking events, and other enrichment activities

Obtain a unique experience to add to college application


Biocom Institute is committed to providing access to our educational programs and learning experiences to students and educators across California. We can help you advocate to have impactful life sciences programs for your local school and district. Contact us for more information.

Life ScienceXP provides K–12 students and educators engaging, hands-on learning experiences in the life sciences. The content offers students an opportunity to think like scientists.

Life ScienceXP features the following components:

Genomic Discoveries

Illumina Genomic Discoveries provides opportunities for classrooms to access genomics curriculum and industry connections. Students gain meaningful experiences in genomics and are inspired to pursue careers in life sciences.

Educators and students engage in real-world, hands-on experiences using Illumina’s latest genomic sequencing technology.

The Amgen Biotech Experience is a science education program that provides research-grade equipment, supplies, curriculum, and professional development to middle and high schools. The program features a hands-on molecular biology curriculum designed to introduce students to the excitement of scientific discovery.  Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and the core biology curriculum, the program supports the larger goal of fostering scientific literacy.

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