Each year, Biocom Institute’s programs reach thousands of students, educators, veterans, and life science professionals, in ways that transform California’s life science ecosystem. We are committed to making life science accessible to everyone, especially those with limited access to science. Please consider a tax-deductible donation or sponsorship today. Your donation will directly support our programs and help us continue to develop future scientists and thought leaders.

About Biocom Institute

Biocom Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2008 by Biocom, the largest and most experienced advocate for California’s life science sector. Our vision is to foster a skilled and diverse talent pool that supports life sciences innovation and business growth and improves human health and quality of life. We collaborate with industry, government, non-profits, the K-12 and community college systems, higher education institutions, and other stakeholders to meet and anticipate the workforce needs of the life sciences community.


Give a
Science Kit


Science kit for one student

Support a student with certification exams


Funds will cover the fees associated with a life sciences related certification

Give Biotech


Send one student to our 1-week biotech bootcamp

Sponsor a Veteran
Fellow For a Year


Funds support fellowships, symposiums, trainings, career fairs, and industry networking opportunities.

Science Kits


Science Kit for 25 students

Sponsor a First Generation College Graduate Intern


Support at this level covers up to 140 hours of intern’s wages during the summer  

Sponsor an Intern at a
Biotech Company


Support the wages of an internship experience

Sponsor a Hands-On
Science Experience


Funds help provide science labs and connections to industry to Title I schools

If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities please contact Brandon Leck at [email protected]
Tax ID Number: 261852884